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Our "Essentials" page is where we share our knowledge, tips, insights and recommendations about the global meetings marketplace. While none of the organizations referenced here are ADW members, we believe they may be helpful and essential resources for you as you navigate the complex landscape of planning meetings around the world. Contact us with any questions or tips of your own.

How much is that in dollars?
This Universal Currency Converter provides free live currency rates, tools, and analysis using the most accurate data.  Rates not guaranteed.

What time is it in...?
Use this Time Zone Converter to find out the exact time in another country or use this table for a quick global snapshot.

What’s the weather like in…?
Use this link to access the best international websites for current weather readings around the world.

Need assistance translating? is the world’s leading provider of translation and localization solutions to the Travel & Hospitality industry. We work closely with our clients to set up translation and localization programs that address critical business and technical requirements. For more information on services found at please read the following eBrochure:

Trusted Traveler Programs Speed Up Airport Security Processes
Running under U.S. Customs and Border Protection, trusted traveler programs speed up U.S. clearance for international arrivals. Global Entry services travelers arriving in the United States, to learn more about eligibility and cost click here. NEXUS offers expedited processing for travel between the U.S. and Canada, learn more about this program click here.

Keeping tabs on VAT – A Guide to Value Added Taxes
Click here to find out the basic steps meeting planners can take to ensure you receive all available VAT rebates as well as review some U.S.-based VAT consultants who can help manage the process for you!

Earth Calendar
A quick snap shot of upcoming holidays celebrated around the world. This is a helpful tool to think globally and be mindful of important dates for other cultures. Click Here!

Meeting Space Conversion Tool
Use this site to help quickly convert U.S. standard measurements to the Metric system such as square feet to square meters for meeting space.

Links for Learning About Plannning International Meetings
The new APEX RFP Workbook offers planners a way to keep the most common RFPs associated with a meeting, convention, exhibition or event in one convenient location. The APEX RFP Workbook is available free of charge from the Convention Industry Council website.

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